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Constitution of the Republic of Estonia


Article 37. (…) Everyone has the right to be taught in Estonian. The language of teaching in national minority educational institutions is chosen by the educational institution. (…)
Article 50. National minorities have the right, in the interests of their culture, to establish self-governing agencies under such conditions and pursuant to such procedure as are provided in the National Minorities Cultural Autonomy Act.
Article 51. Everyone has the right to address government agencies, local authorities, and their officials in Estonian and to receive responses in Estonian.
In localities where at least one half of the permanent residents belong to a national minority, everyone has the right to receive responses from government agencies, local authorities and their officials also in the language of the national minority.
Article 52. The official language of government agencies and local authorities is Estonian.
In localities where the language of the majority of the residents is not Estonian, local authorities may, to the extent and pursuant to a procedure provided by law, use the language of the majority of the permanent residents of the locality as their internal working language.
The use of foreign languages, including the languages of national minorities, in government agencies, in courts and in pre-trial procedure is provided by law.