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Constitution of the Republic of Poland


Article 67.1. A citizen shall have the right to social security whenever incapacitated for work by reason of sickness or invalidism as well as having attained retirement age. The scope and forms of social security shall be specified by statute.2. A citizen who is involuntarily without work and has no other means of support, shall have the right to social security, the scope of which shall be specified by statute.Article 68.1. Everyone shall have the right to have his health protected.2. Equal access to health care services, financed from public funds, shall be ensured by public authorities to citizens, irrespective of their material situation. The conditions for, and scope of, the provision of services shall be established by statute. (...)Article 71.1. The State, in its social and economic policy, shall take into account the good of the family. Families, finding themselves in difficult material and social circumstances - particularly those with many children or a single parent - shall have the right to special assistance from public authorities. (...)Article 75.1. Public authorities shall pursue policies conducive to satisfying the housing needs of citizens, in particular combatting homelessness, promoting the development of low-income housing and supporting activities aimed at acquisition of a home by each citizen.2. Protection of the rights of tenants shall be established by statute.