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Constitution of Romania


Article 26(1) The public authorities shall respect and protect the intimate, family and private life. (...) Article 27(1) The domicile and the residence are inviolable. No one shall enter or remain in the domicile or residence of a person without his consent. (2) An exemption from the provisions of paragraph (1) can operate, according to the law, for the following instances: a) carrying into execution a warrant for arrest or a court decree; b) removing a risk to someone's life, physical integrity, or a person's assets; c) defending national security or public order; d) preventing the spread of an epidemic. (3) Searches shall only be ordered by a judge and carried out under the terms and forms stipulated by the law. (4) Searches during the night shall be forbidden, except for crimes in flagrante delicto.Article 28 Secrecy of the letters, telegrams and other postal communications, of telephone conversations, and of any other legal means of communication is inviolable.Article 30...(6) Freedom of expression shall not be prejudicial to the dignity, honour, privacy of a person, and to the right to one's own image.