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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 20 (1) Everyone has the right to own property. Property rights of all owners are uniformly construed and equally protected by law. The right of inheritance is guaranteed. (2) The law shall lay down which property, other than property specified in Article 4 of the Constitution, necessary to ensure the needs of the society, food security of the state, the development of the national economy and the public interest, may be owned only by the state, the municipality, specific legal or natural persons. The law may also lay down that certain property may be owned only by citizens or legal persons residing in the Slovak Republic. (3) The ownership is binding. It may not be misused to the detriment of the rights of others, or in contravention with general interests protected by law. The exercising of the ownership rights may not harm human health, nature, cultural sites and the environment beyond the margin laid down by a law. (4) Expropriation or restrictions of right in property may be imposed only to the necessary extent and in public interest, based on the law and for a valuable. (5) Other infringements of the property right may be sanctioned, only if the property is acquired illegally or from illegal incomes and such measures are necessary in a democratic society for the security of the State, to protect the public order, morals or rights and freedoms of others. Details shall be laid down by law. Article 43 (1) Freedom of scientific research and in art is guaranteed. The rights to the creative intellectual activity are protected by law. (...)