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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 30 (1) Citizens have the right to participate in the administration of public affairs either directly or through the free election of their representatives. Foreigners with a permanent residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic have the right to vote and be elected in the self-administration bodies of municipalities and self-administration bodies of superior territorial units. (2) Elections must be held within deadlines not exceeding the regular electoral period as laid down by law. (3) The right to vote is universal, equal, and direct and is exercised by means of secret ballot. Conditions for exercising the right to vote shall be laid down by law. (4) Citizens have access to elected and other public posts under equal conditions. Article 31 The legal regulation of all political rights and freedoms and their interpretation and use must enable and protect a free competition of political forces in a democratic society. Article 32 Citizens have the right to put up resistance against anyone who would eliminate the democratic order of basic human rights and freedoms listed in this Constitution, if the activity of constitutional bodies and the effective use of legal means are rendered impossible.