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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 16 (1) The right of every individual to integrity and privacy shall be guaranteed. This right may be restricted only in cases specifically provided by a law. (...) Article 19 (1) Everyone has the right to the preservation of human dignity, personal honour, reputation and the protection of good name. (2) Everyone has the right to protection against unauthorized interference in private and family life. Article 21 (1) A person's home is inviolable. It may not be entered without the resident's consent. (2) A house search is admissible only in connection with criminal proceedings and only on the basis of written order of the judge. The method of carrying out a house search shall be laid down by law. (3) Other infringements upon the inviolability of one's home may be permitted by law only if it is necessary in a democratic society in order to protect people’s lives, health, or property, to protect the rights and freedoms of others, or to prevent a serious threat to public order. If the home is used also for business, or to perform other economic activity, such infringements may be permitted by law also when this is necessary to the discharge of the tasks of public administration. Article 22(1) The privacy of letters, and secrecy of mailed messages and other written documents and the protection of personal data is guaranteed. (2) No one may violate the privacy of letters and the secrecy of other written documents and records, whether they are kept in privacy, or sent by mail or in any other way, with exception of cases which shall be laid down by law. Equally guaranteed is the secrecy of messages conveyed by telephone, telegraph, or other similar means.