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Constitution of the Slovak Republic


Article 24(1) Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief shall be guaranteed. This right shall include the right to change religion or belief and the right to refrain from a religious affiliation. Everyone has the right to express his or her mind publicly. (2) Everyone has the right to manifest freely his or her religion or belief either alone or in association with others, privately or publicly, in worship, religious acts, maintaining ceremonies or to participate in teaching. (3) Churches and religious communities administer their own affairs themselves; in particular, they constitute their bodies, appoint clericals, organize the teaching of religion, and establish religious orders and other clerical institutions independent of state bodies. (4) The exercise of rights under paragraphs 1 to 3 may be restricted only by a law, if such a measure is necessary in a democratic society to protect public order, health, morals, or the rights and freedoms of others. Article 25(1) The defence of the Slovak Republic is a duty and a matter of honour for citizens. The law shall lay down the scope of the compulsory military service. (2) No one shall be forced to perform military service if it is against her conscience or religion. Details shall be laid down by law.