The Federal Act Concerning the Protection of Personal Data


Sect. 1.(1) Everybody shall have the right to secrecy for the personal data concerning him, especially with regard to his private and family life, insofar as he has an interest deserving such protection. Such an interest is precluded when data cannot be subject to the right to secrecy due to their general availability or because they cannot be traced back to the data subject [Betroffener]. (2) Insofar personal data is not used in the vital interest of the data subject or with his consent, restrictions to the right to secrecy are only permitted to safeguard overriding legitimate interests of another, namely in case of an intervention by a public authority the restriction shall only be permitted based on laws [footnote 1] necessary for the reasons stated in Art. 8, para. 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights (Federal Law Gazette No. 210/1958). Such laws may provide for the use of data [Verwendung von Daten] that deserve special protection only in order to safeguard substantial public interests and shall provide suitable safeguards for the protection of the data subjects' interest in secrecy. Even in the case of permitted restrictions the intervention with the fundamental right shall be carried out using only the least intrusive of all effective methods. (3) Everybody shall have, insofar as personal data concerning him are destined for automated processing or manual processing, i.e. in filing systems [Dateien] without automated processing, as provided for by law, 1.the right to obtain information as to who processes what data concerning him, where the data originated, for which purpose they are used, as well as to whom the data are transmitted; 2.the right to rectification of incorrect data and the right to erasure of illegally processed data. (4) Restrictions of the rights according to para. 3 are only permitted under the conditions laid out in para. 2. (5) The fundamental right to data protection, except the right to information [Auskunftsrecht], shall be asserted before the civil courts against organisations that are established according to private law, as long as they do not act in execution of laws. In all other cases the Data Protection Commission [Datenschutzkommission] shall be competent to render the decision, unless an act of Parliament or a judicial decision is concerned.

Type of law: 
National constitutional law
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