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Gender Equality Act


§ 1. Purpose and scope of Act
(1) The purpose of this Act is to ensure equal treatment of men and women as provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia and to promote equality of men and women as a fundamental human right and for the public good in all areas of social life.
(2) To achieve this purpose, this Act provides for:
1) the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of sex in the private and public sectors;
2) the obligation of state and local government authorities, educational and research institutions and employers to promote equality between men and women;
3) the right to claim compensation for damage.
§ 2. Scope of application of Act
(1) This Act applies to all areas of social life.
(2) The requirements of this Act do not apply to:
1) professing and practising faith or working as a minister of a religion in a registered religious association;
2) relations in family or private life. (...)