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Law on Trade Unions


  Section 1. Concept of Trade UnionsIn accordance with the Declaration on the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia and the laws of Latvia, the inhabitants of the Republic have the right to form trade unions freely.Trade unions of the Republic of Latvia are independent public organisations, which express, represent and protect labour and other social and economic rights and interests of their members in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Latvia On Trade Unions, other current legislation of the Republic of Latvia, and the by-laws of trade unions of the Republic of Latvia, as well as observing the principles and norms specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international covenants and conventions.Section 2. Freedom to Form Trade UnionsThe inhabitants of the Republic of Latvia who work or study have the right to form trade unions. Trade unions may be formed following the professional, sectoral, territorial or other principles. Employers may form their own trade unions. The by-laws approved by the trade unions and this Law shall determine and regulate the form of operation of the trade unions, the organisational structure and procedures for the establishment thereof.Members of a trade union shall take a decision regarding the termination of activities of trade unions or the integration thereof into territorial, sectoral or other unions following the procedures specified in the by-laws.