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The Forum creates a unique platform for dialogue on pressing human rights challenges.

This year, it brings together the best of both in-person and online events. On 11-12 October, we will connect the main stage in Vienna with hubs in other cities and virtual sessions across Europe.

It will be a chance to look forward: building a vision of hope. For that reason, two topics run across the entire Forum: our responses to the effects of Covid-19 pandemic and the youth of Europe.

Threats to our fundamental rights existed before the pandemic changed the world. They are more visible and pressing than ever before.

The Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 will tackle these head-on.

Together we will deliver answers to questions shaping the critical human rights agenda. Together we will build hope.

Do you have an idea for a session that could help shape the human rights agenda for the years to come? Then, we want to hear from you.

We are looking forward to involvement from across society, including the worlds of politics, business, trade unions, civil society, the arts, faith and non-confessional communities and sports.

Full details of how to apply are available on the Fundamental Rights Forum website, which is now live.