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National Parliaments and the role of the EU Charter in national law making

FRA provided training on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to law drafters in Finland. It was part of a training course on fundamental and human rights when drafting laws.

The Finnish Ministry of Justice organised the course. Participants included about 50 officials from different government ministries.

A senior justice ministry specialist gave a presentation on how best to work with the ministry’s Charter guidance.

The ministry also recently published a guide on assessing the fundamental and human rights impacts when drafting laws. It describes the process, contents and documentation of impact assessments and the information sources that can be used. The guide also contains a checklist and examples of how to carry out assessments when preparing government proposals.

FRA considers such documents as very useful for lawmakers, as indicated in its publication on unlocking the Charter’s full potential.

FRA recently expanded its Charter training tools. Interested users can take online courses for free. New language versions will follow soon.

New introductory video presentations on the Charter’s history and legal nature and its structure and content complement the agency’s existing tools.