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FRA speaks at a workshop on irregular migration data

FRA provided input during a workshop on collecting and using data on irregular migration.

The workshop was part of the EU-funded MIRREM research project. The ‘MIRREM’ research consortium aims to address the challenges of insufficient knowledge about irregular migration and on regularisations in Europe.

The workshop discussed how data on irregular migration is currently being used, how issues with quality and accessibility impact on data use and explored the most pressing needs for data on irregular migration that are currently not being met.

FRA focused on ‘blind spots’ where more data on various aspects of irregular migration would be needed from the perspective of the Agency’s work.

The workshop took place on 12 September in Brussels.

\FRA has been working on this issue since 2011, when it published a comprehensive report on the fundamental rights situation of irregular migrants in the EU.

By exploring ways for robust data collection on irregular migration, the MIRREM project can help address some of the gaps FRA identified through its research.