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Explore FRA’s LGBTIQ survey data online

Graphs in LGBTIQ colours
natatravel / adobestock
The online data explorer for FRA’s LGBTIQ Survey is now available. It draws on findings from over 100,000 respondents from all 27 EU countries, Albania, the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia.

It offers different ways of exploring the survey results beyond those published so far. They can be viewed by country, by age group, by survey question and by sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics as well as socio-demographic characteristics.

The results can be broken down into whether LGBTIQ people experience discrimination, violence and harassment, and whether they have difficulties when it comes to living openly, or in education and healthcare.

The survey also addresses issues surrounding LGBTIQ families, free movement, social attitudes and government responses.

In addition, the 2023 survey includes specific trans and intersex questions.

The explorer allows users to export or share the tables and figures, compare countries or see the results from only one country.

Stakeholders can explore, disseminate and use the results for their own communications and outreach.

The survey results report is also available online.