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NHRIs enhancing the implementation of the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter

FRA held the closing conference of its EEA & Norway Grants-funded regional cooperation project ‘Supporting National Human Rights Institutions in monitoring fundamental rights and the fundamental rights aspects of the rule of law’. The event raised awareness and improved understanding of NHRIs’ role in enhancing the application of the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter at the national level and in the EU framework.

The conference brought together over 100 participants from NHRIs, civil society, as well as national and EU policymakers, to learn about project activities and good practice initiatives developed by NHRIs.

The concluding conference statement encouraged Member States and the European Commission to further strengthen NHRIs within the EU framework. It also highlighted the contribution of NHRIs to the implementation of the Charter and monitoring the rule of law.

Through this project, NHRIs in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and European Network of NNHRIs (ENNHRI), developed and implemented activities to promote the Chater’s application nationally and support reporting on the rule of law. This contributes to the implementation of the EU Strategy to strengthen the application of the Charter and the annual reporting on the rule of law by the European Commission.

The EEA & Norway Grants published an article on the project and conference video.

he event took place from 21 to 22 February in Brussels.