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Strong and effective NHRI concluding conference statement available

The Concluding Conference Statement on the role of National Human Rights Institutions in implementing the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter is now available. The conference took place in Brussels from 21-22 March.

The statement is based on the findings and experiences of an intensive collaborative transnational project, Supporting NHRIs in monitoring fundamental rights and the fundamental rights aspects of the rule of law, funded by the EEA & Norway Grants. FRA was the lead partner. It involved seven NHRIs and the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI).

Project outputs developed by NHRIs in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia included reports on the national application of the Charter, country reports contributing to ENNHRI’s submission to the Commission’s annual rule of law report, and guides to monitor fundamental rights in the context of EU funds. In addition, there were awareness raising and training activities.

The deliverables of national partners are available through the Concluding statement.

The work supports the implementation of the EU’s Strategy to strengthen the application of the Charter.