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Austria, Entschliessungsantrag ... betreffend eine Überwachungsgesamtrechnung eingebracht im Zuge der Debatte über den dringlichen Antrag der Abgeordneten Matthias Strolz, Waltraud Dietrich, Kollegin und Kollegen betreff

Austria, Parliament, Motion for a resolution on the State's surveillance activities

Members of the NEOS Party
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Parlamentarische Materialien 447/UEA XXV. GP
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The motion was tabled by Niko Al & colleagues, at the urgent request of Members of Parliament Matthias Strolz, Waltraud Dietrich & colleagues on "Stopp dem Überwachungsstaat: Gläserner Staat statt gläserne Bürgerinnen und Bürger". Members of the NEOS Party asked the government to provide an overview of all measures of surveillance of citizens. They stated that freedom is an important basis of our society, which is also granted by the Constitution and by the Charter of Fundamental Rights.