The impact of addressing terrorist content online on fundamental rights

This project will support the European Commission's evaluation of its Regulation addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online. FRA will look at the fundamental rights impact of measures to tackle terrorist content online.
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Addressing online terrorist content is an important element in combating terrorism and radicalisation. FRA will examine the fundamental rights impact of measures to remove terrorist content and prevent its dissemination.


The EU Regulation on addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online states that the European Commission should evaluate the regulation. This includes its impact on fundamental rights. The European Commission asked FRA to support this evaluation by mapping the impact on fundamental rights of measures adopted under this regulation. Examples of the fundamental rights that FRA will focus on are freedom of expression and information, respect for private life and data protection, freedom to conduct a business, and non-discrimination.


FRA will collect experiences on how the regulation is applied and its impact on fundamental rights. It will interview practitioners from relevant national authorities, internet platforms, civil society and other experts in selected EU Member States.