Publication date: 11 July 2017

The impact on fundamental rights of the proposed Regulation on the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS)

Adoption Date:
30 June 2017
Opinion Number:
Requested By:
European Parliament

The European Parliament requested this FRA Opinion on the fundamental rights and personal data protection implications of the proposed Regulation for the creation of a European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), including an assessment of the fundamental rights aspects of the access by law enforcement authorities and Europol.


Publication date: 10 July 2017

ETIAS opinion (745.22 KB)


This FRA Opinion touches in particular on the following rights of the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights:

  • respect for private and family life (Article 7);
  • the right to protection of personal data (Article 8);
  • right to asylum (Article 18) and protection in the event of removal, expulsion or extradition (Article 19 (2));
  • right to non-discrimination (Article 21);
  • the protection of the rights of the child (Article 24); 
  • the right to an effective remedy (Article 47).

This FRA Opinion does not replace a full-fledged fundamental rights impact assessment; some fundamental rights issues require further analysis.