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FRA to present antisemitism survey results to European Parliament
FRA will present the findings of its recent survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU Member States at a European Parliament event on 26 November.
FRA meets with stakeholders to discuss follow-up of antisemitism survey

The FRA met with key stakeholders on 11 November, ahead of its Fundamental Rights Conference on 12-13 November, to discuss the findings of its survey on perceptions and experiences of hate crimes against Jews, which was published last week.

4th international conference of the global forum for combating antisemitism
FRA will contribute to a working group on combating antisemitism in Europe, and to combatting antsemitism on the internet during an international conference.
Learning from the past can help build a more inclusive society

In commemoration of the 1938 Night of Pogrom ‘Kristallnacht’, FRA points to the past to remind us of the need to protect and promote fundamental rights today.

FRA online survey on antisemitism closed

The FRA online survey on experiences and perceptions of antisemitism has now been closed.

FRA antisemitism survey now open

From 3 September, Jewish people in nine EU Member States can participate in FRA's survey on their experiences and perceptions of antisemitism.

Joint conference on holocaust and human rights education
The FRA, European Commission and Danish Institute for International Studies are holding a conference "Remembering for the future" in Copenhagen on 26-27 April.
FRA antisemitism presentation at European Parliament
The FRA will give a presentation at the European Parliament at a Conference on antisemitism in Europe for MEPs.
FRA update on the situation of antisemitism in the EU

The FRA's eighth update on the situation of antisemitism in the EU is now available online.