12 September 2020

FRA Director's message to Athens Pride 2020

Although many steps have been taken in recent years to change LGBTI people’s lives for the better in the EU, there is still a long way to go, notes FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty in this video message to Athens Pride 2020.


Dear friends, thank you so very much for inviting me to be with you for Athens Pride. I'm very pleased to participate, even if it's remotely. I'm here first of all to celebrate, to celebrate with you, to celebrate the achievement, all that has been accomplished for equality, and for acceptance and respect for LGBTI people within our societies.

But I'm also here conscious of how much there is still to achieve. At the Fundamental Rights Agency, above all through our surveys, we know the extent of discrimination and harrassment, of exclusion of LGBTI people in far too many places. My colleague Miltos Pavlou will present the findings of our most recent survey to you during this conference.

We encourage you to use our evidence, use it for your advocacy, use it for your championing of equality, for societies in which we all thrive through respect of our diversity.

I wish you a very happy Pride!