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Publication date: 14 December 2020

Michael O’Flaherty on fundamental rights challenges in relation to Artificial Intelligence (32.79 MB)

Let's talk about AI.

When I turned on social media this morning, numerous ads were directed to me on the basis of some kind of formula.

When I left the house to come here, I crossed many streets where the red and green traffic lights were dictated by an algorithm that was measuring traffic flow.

I don’t know how many surveillance cameras had a look at me this morning and determined whether I should be tagged or not, again on the basis of a formula.

Working behind all of us right now, artificial intelligence is helping figure out a vaccine for COVID, and also the logistics of how to get that vaccine across the world.

In other words, artificial intelligence is here.

It’s not going away. It can be a force for good, but it needs to be watched so carefully in terms of respect for our human fundamental rights.

The EU Fundamental Rights Agency is deeply committed to this work.

Our ambition is not just to ensure that AI respects our rights, but also that it protects and promotes them.

Let's get the future right.