18 February 2021

Video blog Michael O'Flaherty: Covid-19 and vaccine equality

In his latest vlog FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty calls for making Covid-19 vaccine equality a top priority for 2021.


Like most of you, I'm waiting for my Covid vaccine. I don't know when it'll come, but I know that eventually, my group in society will be targeted for vaccination. I'm fine with that.

What's getting me excited and worried right now though is the inequality in the roll-out of vaccines. It's about the rich world needing to help the poor world most certainly, but it's also within our own societies. 
It's about making sure that the people most vulnerable and most exposed are up there at the top of the line. It means that Roma living in crowded conditions in many places need to be among the first to get the vaccine. It's about prisoners living on top of each other in detention facilities. It's about migrants living in overcrowded reception centres.
We need to put them at the heart of our conversation. We need to make sure that the top topic of our debate in 2021 is vaccine justice.