22 July 2020

The Fundamental Rights Survey

This video was produced for the launch of the Fundamental Rights Survey in June 2020 and gives an overview of the main results.

In 2019, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights undertook a major survey and asked 35,000 people from 29 countries about their views on fundamental rights.

Nine in ten of you agree human rights are important for creating a fairer society.

More than three in five of you do think human rights can play a useful role in your lives.

Should we be concerned?

The following answers reveal some stark differences in what people think about human rights.

68% of you think some people take unfair advantage of human rights.

But only 27% of you who are better off think this.

And 27% of you think judges in Europe are not independent.

And you, do you really thing this is acceptable?

Let's think about those figures.

Let's use them, for protecting our fundamental rights, for building a fairer society.