Franet — Data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues

FRA launches the present call for tender with the aim to identify contractors to provide the research and analysis services covering the national level.

F-SE-17-T11 Contract notice

[pdf]en (265.03 KB)

F-SE-17-T11 Invitation to tender

[pdf]en (1.25 MB)

F-SE-17-T11 Annex A - Tender specifications

[pdf]en (216.51 KB)

F-SE-17-T11 Annex A1 - Technical specifications

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F-SE-17-T11 Annex B - Draft framework services contract

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F-SE-17-T11 Annex C - Standard submissions form

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Deadline for submissions:

20/10/2017, 17:00 (Vienna local time)

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