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Constitution of the Portuguese Republic


Article 36 (Family, marriage and filiation) (1) Everyone shall possess the right to found a family and to marry on terms of full equality. (2) The law shall regulate the requirements for and the effects of marriage and its dissolution by death or divorce, regardless of the form in which it was entered into. (3) Spouses shall possess equal rights and duties in relation to their civil and political capacity and to the maintenance and education of their children. (4) Children born outside wedlock shall not be the object of any discrimination for that reason, and neither the law, nor official departments or services may employ discriminatory terms in relation to their filiation. (5) Parents shall possess the right and the duty to educate and maintain their children. (6) Children shall not be separated from their parents, save when the latter do not fulfil their fundamental duties towards them, and then always by judicial order. (7) Adoption shall be regulated and protected by law, which shall lay down swift forms of completion of the necessary requirements.