Freedom of Communication Act No. 86-1067 of 30 September 1986


Article 1 Audio-visual communication is free.The exercise of this freedom may be limited only, to the extent required, on the one hand, for the respect of human dignity, freedom and property of other people, the pluralistic nature of the expression of ideas and opinions and, on the other hand, for the safeguarding of law and order, for national defence, public service reasons, for technical reasons inherent to the means of communication as well as for the need to develop a national audio-visual production industry.The Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel, an independent authority, guarantees the exercise this freedom in accordance with the terms provided for in this Act.It ensures equality of treatment; it guarantees the independence and impartiality of the public radio and television broadcasting sector. It sees to the promotion of the free competition and the creation of non-discriminatory relations between producers and service distributors; it sees to the quality and diversity of programmes, the development of the national audio-visual production and creation as well as to the defence and illustration of the French language and culture. It may put forward proposals to improve the quality of programmes.It may send to the producers and distributors of audio-visual communication services recommendations relating to compliance with the principles set forth in this Act. Said recommendations shall be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.