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Council of Europe asylum training for legal professionals

FRA contributed to a webinar launching the HELP course ‘Asylum and Human Rights’.

The Council of Europe’s HELP programme provides human rights education for legal professionals.

This HELP course covers the key concepts and the international and European – both EU and Council of Europe – legal framework related to asylum.

The online event took place on 26 May.

FRA spoke about the Agency’s work and materials related to international protection. A key reference material to develop this course was the Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration, developed jointly by the Agency and the European Court of Human Rights.

The course, initially developed in 2015 by the HELP Programme and the UN Refugee Agency, was updated in 2021 under the EU-Council of Europe ‘HELP in the EU II’ project. It now contains the most recent developments.

The training curriculum consists of an introductory module, as well as four specific modules addressing the main aspects related to asylum: non-refoulement, the right to life and prohibition of ill-treatment; detention and reception; family life; and effective remedies.