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FRA co-hosts expert panel for asylum judges

The EU Agency for Asylum (EUAA) and FRA held an expert panel to discuss fundamental rights issues when accessing asylum procedures at the EU external borders.

The hybrid event took place in Vienna at FRA on 27 April.

FRA was there alongside high-level judges from Austria and Croatia.

FRA described the current state of play at the EU Eastern borders, the concepts of safe third country and safe country of origin, the notion of mass influx, along with selected fundamental rights issues at land borders and the Temporary Protection Directive.

The panel shared their reflections on questions participants submitted prior to the meeting. EUAA expert panels are aimed at Member States’ judges and other members of courts and tribunals who wish to deepen their expert knowledge on areas of the EU Common European Asylum System.

The Expert Panels facilitate the exchange of views and best practices in a specialised topic and related developments in the case law of the EU Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.