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There are over 80 monitoring mechanisms with a strong human rights remit under the auspices of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the EU. This project is developing the online EU Fundamental Rights Information System tool to cover the most relevant of these mechanisms together with some analysis.


The EU and its Member States have committed to various international human rights obligations and the EU is founded on a set of values which includes human rights. However, various EU-level processes would benefit from a more systematic use of assessments of these obligations and values under the various mechanisms. This would help mutual recognition among Member States of judicial matters, for example. The European Parliament and the European Commission has encouraged FRA to develop this tool. 


The tool is being developed in close consultation with the UN and the Council of Europe, as well as EU entities. This will ensure the correct use and description of the respective sources. It will also ensure the smooth technical interface between the different organisations’ respective platforms. In addition, a wider set of experts and stakeholders are helping to develop ‘EFRIS’ through a series of meetings, with participants coming from civil society, academia, national governments, and business. These consultations contribute to the technical and substantive development of the tool, which is supported by a technical contractor. A pilot tool is foreseen for 2019.