Strategic foresight in the area of fundamental rights

This project will provide EU and national policy makers with foresight analysis on future fundamental rights challenges and opportunities, as well as providing guidance on building fundamental rights considerations into their strategic reflections.
Project Status
Project start date


Building on existing EU foresight activities and networks, FRA will pool knowledge on strategic foresight and fundamental rights through dedicated meetings, consultations and desk research.


In line with the toolbox on better EU regulation, FRA’s Strategic Plan 2023–2028 notes that the Agency will carry out foresight studies on fundamental rights and future challenges, to help EU institutions and Member States anticipate threats to the enjoyment of rights and to promote fundamental rights resilience. As the EU’s unique data hub on fundamental rights, combined with its expertise in applying a human-rights based approach to data collection and experience in leveraging human rights expertise from its networks, FRA is well-placed to initiate this project.


The project will build on the outcomes of FRA’s 2022 exercise on foresight methodologies and fundamental rights, and on a 2023 foresight workshop on fundamental rights and environmental protection which tested the applicability of foresight methods in the area of fundamental rights. The project will seek to identify guiding principles and to formulate guidance on embedding fundamental rights into foresight activities. This will be done by convening and regularly consulting experts on fundamental rights and strategic foresight, bringing together representatives of EU institutions and bodies, international organisations, national authorities and others. The results will feed into the activities of the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System and of the EU Policy Lab in the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.


  • Guidance on fundamental rights and strategic foresight
  • Expert meeting on strategic foresight and fundamental rights
  • Informal network of experts pooling knowledge on strategic foresight and fundamental rights