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Complaints received by the Equality Ombudsman in 2015–2021

This report contains statistics on the complaints received by the Equality Ombudsman in 2015–2021, focusing specifically on the complaints received in 2021. The report has been published annually since 2020. The report contributes to building up knowledge on discrimination and making it available.
What we mean by ‘complaints about discrimination’ is the complaints that concern discrimination associated with one or more of the grounds of discrimination: ethnicity, disability, sex, transgender identity or expression, religion or other belief, sexual orientation, and age. The category ‘complaints about discrimination’ also includes complaints about sexual harassment.
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In this page:

Why was the practice needed?

The objective is to provide information about complaints data and illustrate their development over time. Thereby, the Equality Ombudsman contributes to increasing knowledge about risks of discrimination in society.

How was it implemented?

The Equality Ombudsman compiles complaints data in a statistical report. The report is published on a yearly basis.


Key success factors

A systematic method and process that assure high quality in published complaints data.

Technical information

  • Data sources covered: Complaints data
  • Areas of life covered: Employment; Education; Health; Social Protection; Housing and living conditions; Access to goods and services; Others: starting up or running a business, membership of certain organisations, national military service and civilian service.
  • Target audience: The public, policymakers, researchers and civil society organisations.
  • Duration: Published every year
  • Geographical scope: Sweden
  • Leading institution: The Equality Ombudsman in Sweden
  • Other organisations involved/consulted: no data available
  • Financial & human resources: Budget: no data available; Source of the budget: no data available; Staff: no data available


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