Driving a Moped

In order to drive a moped (driving licence “AM”), children need a corresponding driving license. European legislation set the minimum age for it at 16 years, but Member States are allowed to raise it up to 18 years or lower it to 14 years.

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Key aspects

  • Ten Member States allow children aged 15 years to acquire a driving license for a moped (Austria, Czechia, Germany, Spain, Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia and Slovakia).
  • Seven countries require children to be 14 years (Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Portugal).
  • Eight states set the minimum at 16 years (Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom)
  • In Cyprus you have to be 17 years old, in Malta and Denmark, the minimum age is 18 years old. In Denmark, however, children aged 15 years or over are allow to ride a “small moped”, with a speed of no more than 30 km/h.