Together in the European Union (Easy read)

More than 20 million immigrants lived in the European Union in 2016. This means that 1 person in 25 was an immigrant. Having more immigrants and refugees makes it even more important for the governments to have plans to help them to integrate.

More integration should mean less discrimination. For integration to work, immigrants and local people need to work together.

Integration mainly happens locally. For example, in schools, in sports clubs and at work.

Schools should integrate people, because otherwise we could all end up living apart instead of together.

Another important way to feel part of society is being able to speak the language. We say that governments should make it easy for immigrants to learn the national language.For example, they can make it free of charge. They can give lessons during school hours to parents who do not have a job.

Young people are more likely to have a job or go to school if their parents are from the country they live in than if their parents are immigrants. We say that governments should tell employers that it would be good to hire people who are immigrants or whose parents are immigrants.