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Publication date: 21 June 2019

FRR2019 - Roma infographic (80.43 KB)

Living with anti-Gypsyism

  • Increase in segregated education for Roma children:
    An increase of 50% in 5 years.
    • 10% in 2011
    • 15% in 2016
  • 1/5 Roma faces discrimination using public transport or shopping/going out
  • 1/3 of the Roma surveyed continue to live in housing with no tap water inside

Bringing about change

  • Some signs of national Roma integration strategies explicitly addressing anti-Gypsyism but not many
  • Some initiatives to promote Roma inclusion and empowering young Roma and Roma women
  • A few national courts ruled against Roma discrimination in work, education and housing
  • The EU’s High Level Group against racism and xenophobia has prioritised the fight against discrimination and anti-Gypsyism