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In the light of the events in New Zealand, Michael O'Flaherty talks about discrimination and hate crime against Muslims in the EU and makes 4 proposals on how to make Muslims feel more safe.
Michael O'Flaherty focuses on European values in the context of the 10th anniversary of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Michael O'Flaherty focuses on the situation of the Jewish community living in the EU.
FRA's latest report explores what enables and what hinders the drive towards independent community living for people with disabilities.
Black people in the EU face unacceptable difficulties in simply finding somewhere to live because of their skin colour.
Black people in the EU face unacceptable difficulties in getting a decent job because of their skin colour. Racist harassment also remains all too common.
Michael O'Flaherty talks about empowering people with disabilities to be full and independent members of the community.
This video blog by FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty is released periodically and will address burning fundamental rights themes.
Some views from participants at the Fundamental Rights Forum about how they commit to delivering on fundamental rights in tomorrow’s Europe.