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Publication date: 16 November 2020

FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty visits Moria migration facility video message (58.15 MB)

I'm on Lesbos, in Greece, today and I’ve come to see for myself the impact of the fire at the Moria migration facility and to see how all of those thousands of people have been re-housed.

Today, I visited the temporary facility at Mavrovouni. I deeply appreciate the enormous efforts that have been undertaken over the past 4 weeks to establish a camp. Of course, everybody agrees there is still much to do.

Winterisation is a top priority right now. But so also is the need to get adequate sanitary facilities in place, including running water as well as proper medical capacity. 1

It’s important to continue to seek out vulnerable people in need of protection so they are taken to more appropriate places. Similarly, those who already qualify for international protection should be re-located. 

The Fundamental Rights Agency will continue to play its part. We will continue to offer to the Greek government, as well as to all other relevant partners, our support so that in the new facilities that they will develop they can meet all of the applicable international standards.