Fundamental rights-based police training – A manual for police trainers

Police officers who ensure that people are able to exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms earn the respect and trust of the public. With this in mind, this manual sets out to foster such human rights-based police work by integrating human rights training into the heart of police training, in line with the European Union’s goals in the field of justice and home affairs.

The manual translates ‘high’ principles into specific practical exercises that facilitate police work, and supports police officers in internalising the concepts that drive human rights-based policing – helping to ensure that they are equipped to make the right choices in their daily work. The manual focuses on crucial police-related issues, such as diversity and non-discrimination, the absolute prohibition of torture, and also the human rights of police officers. Tried and tested with different police academies in the EU, the manual is intended as a practical tool for implementing fundamental rights-based policing in the EU.

Download the individual modules of the manual:

Module 1: Basics of human rights (EN, FR pdf 508KB)

Module 2: Policing from a human rights perspective (EN, FR pdf 450KB)

Module 3: Human rights analysis - The obligations to respect and to protect (EN, FR pdf 573KB)

Module 4: The prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (EN, FR pdf 441KB)

Module 5: Diversity, equality and non-discrimination (EN, FR pdf 454KB)

Module 6: Module 6: Human rights of police officers (EN, FR pdf 360KB)