Access to effective remedies: The asylum-seeker perspective

Drawing on evidence from interviews with almost 900 asylum seekers, this report presents asylum-seeker experiences in submitting an appeal against a negative asylum decision. While documenting good practices, it also highlights several obstacles which make it difficult for asylum applicants to access effective remedies.

Article 47 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union guarantees the right to an effective remedy to everyone. According to Article 39 of the Asylum Procedures Directive, European Union law requires that asylum seekers shall have the right to request a review of their asylum decision before a court or tribunal. 

For this report, the FRA interviewed 877 asylum applicants of 65 different nationalities across the 27 EU Member States. They were asked about their experiences of the asylum procedure in their country of residence

FRA Director Morten Kjaerum: "There is a need to improve and further harmonise the asylum procedures in the EU. A fair asylum procedure is one where applicants know their rights and duties." 

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