Publication date: 12 December 2019

Business-related human rights abuse reported in the EU and available remedies (632.44 KB)

This focus paper presents preliminary findings from the first phase of the research, which will be elaborated further in 2020. It gives an overview of select examples of business-related human rights abuse identified through the desk research, referring to the types of industry sectors involved and complaints mechanisms used.

The findings presented are linked to FRA’s previous work in this area, in particular its 2017 Opinion on Improving access to remedy in the area of business and human rights at the EU level, which had been requested by the Council of the EU.3 The findings from the second phase of FRA’s research will be presented in 2020 in a separate report, which will be combined with results from the first phase.

The paper covers the following topics:

  1. Legal and policy context
  2. Incidents of business-related human rights abuse in EU Member States
  3. Summary and next steps