Publication date: 12 December 2009

EU-MIDIS Technical report: Methodology, sampling and fieldwork

This technical report and the survey questionnaire are intended for reference and to encourage further survey development and implementation by interested parties.


Publication date: 25 September 2012

EU-MIDIS questionnaire (269.45 KB)

Publication date: 25 September 2012

EU-MIDIS technical report (708.87 KB)


EU-MIDIS is the first systematic large-scale attempt to survey selected immigrant, ethnic minority and national minority groups in all 27 EU Member States about their experiences of discrimination and victimisation. As such, the survey faced a number of technical challenges that had to be addressed from the outset, and which are related in detail in this report in order to communicate how the survey met the various demands for successfully conducting high quality and robust research on ‘difficult to survey’ groups.