Business and human rights: access to remedy improvements


This project looks at obstacles and promising practices in relation to access to remedies for victims of business-related human rights abuses. By analysing complaints mechanisms in selected EU Member States, this research maps what hinders and what facilitates access to remedies.


Business has an increasing impact on human rights. This is being reflected globally in human rights instruments and in the EU in relation to internal market and trade discussions. The Council of the EU has noted that more work is particularly needed in relation to access to remedies. The Council asked FRA to work in this area, calling for an Opinion, which the Agency delivered in 2017. The European Commission requested FRA to follow up with this project.


The project will be carried out mainly through desk research on available remedies in selected Member States. It will focus on complaints avenues available for victims of human rights abuses. On the basis of this mapping, the project will suggest action needed in the EU. The project is undertaken in cooperation with the European Law Institute (ELI) – which has a track record of providing concrete inputs such as recommendations and comments on draft legislation in this and other fields. Input is also provided by other experts in the field.

Communications Project Member: 
Jonas Grimheden
Jonas Grimheden

Jonas Grimheden (PhD)

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Senior Policy Manager
Institutional Cooperation & Networks Unit