Upcoming products in 2019

A list of key FRA products scheduled for 2019.

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FRA Calendar 2019
Date  Title Type
17 January FRA Opinion on the recast Return Directive and its fundamental rights implications Opinion
18 February Migration quarterly Paper
19 February FRA Opinion on the proposal for a Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online and its fundamental rights implications Opinion
26 February Update on political participation of people with disabilities Paper
11 March FRA Opinion fundamental rights in the ‘hotspots’ set up in Greece and Italy Opinion
21 March Equality Data Compendium Online
22 March EU Fundamental Rights Charter country sheets Factsheets
27 March Key migration issues: Three-years on from initial reporting Report
8 April Roma women - selected findings from second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS II) Report
25 April

Justice for victims of violent crimes (in four parts)

  1. Standards
  2. Proceedings
  3. Sanctions
  4. Women as victims of partner violence
16 May Migration quarterly Paper
6 June Fundamental Rights Report 2019 Report
11 June Artificial intelligence: data quality Focus paper
13 June One year on: the General Data Protection regulation Focus paper
13 June EU children victims of trafficking or in need of protection Handbook
14 June Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2018 Report
20 June Toolkit for media professionals - migration and fundamental rights Online
25 June Severe labour exploitation in the EU – exploited migrant workers’ perspectives Report
4 July Young Jewish Europeans: perceptions and experiences of antisemitism Report
29 July Migration quarterly Paper
12 September Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey: Migrant women – selected findings Report
18 September Returning unaccompanied children: fundamental rights considerations Focus paper
27 September Rights in practice: access to a lawyer and procedural rights in criminal and European arrest warrant proceedings Report
4 November Migration quarterly Paper
8 November Annual update on antisemitism Paper
19 November Integration of young refugees in the EU - Good practices and challenges Report
27 November Fundamental rights implications of using facial recognition technology Focus paper
2 December Business and human rights Focus paper
9 December EU Fundamental Rights Information System Online
11 December Criminal detention in the EU - conditions and monitoring Report and database