30 April 2021

Call for Applications for the Roma Traineeship Programme 2021-2022


This traineeship scheme is addressed mainly to recent university graduates of Romani background, without excluding those who - in the framework of lifelong learning - are at the beginning of a new professional career.

Open until :

28/05/2021 13:00
Opening Date
30/04/2021 16:30

This traineeship scheme is offered to candidates of Romani background who have completed either a post-secondary education attested by a diploma (e.g. bachelor’s degree or equivalent) or a secondary education attested by a diploma and professional experience of minimum two years relevant to the work of the unit they apply for.

Roma1 trainees are selected from nationals of the Member States of the European Union (27) and EU candidate countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey) and potential candidate countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo2).

Trainees are requested to have a very good knowledge of English and another EU language. Roma traineeship places are offered in the following FRA Units to work on the tasks listed in each of the linked files below:

For detailed information about the eligibility criteria as well as the rights and duties of the trainees, please consult our Rules governing the Roma traineeship programme at the FRA and the FAQ. We recommend you read them carefully before submitting your application.

The FRA is an equal opportunities employer and ensures that its recruitment procedures do not discriminate on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Within the scope of application of the Treaty establishing the European Community and of the Treaty on the European Union, and without prejudice to the special provisions of those Treaties, any discrimination on grounds of nationality shall be prohibited.

How to apply?

  1. Prepare your CV in Europass format (other formats will not be considered). This document should be attached to the Online Application Form;
  2. Complete the

    and indicate the unit of your choice clearly mentioning the interests for this choice and your motivation to apply. Please note you are not requested to upload a Motivation Letter. You should just fill in the field on your motivation to apply for the particular unit. Within this unit, please specify also the area(s) you are interested in.

You can indicate only one unit. Candidates applying for more than one unit will be automatically rejected.

Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria or are incorrectly submitted will be rejected. FRA will not return applications to candidates.

No employment of any form can be offered following the end of the traineeship period unless through a recruitment procedure against a vacancy notice published on the FRA website.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for applications is 28 May 2021, at 13:00 (Vienna Local Time). 

Indicative timing

The FRA offers 10 months paid traineehips starting on 01/10/2021. 

Procedure Timing

Deadline for receipt of applications

28/05/2020 at 13:00 Local time

Screening of applications


Telephone contact with shortlisted candidates

Beginning of July

Offer issued


Due to the great number of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted by e-mail. Any information about the closure of the selection and the award of the traineehips will be posted on the present page.

Learn more?

Applicants who require further information or wish to access or rectify data can contact us by e-mail, clearly indicating their application number, to: recruitment@fra.europa.eu

Data protection

The processing of personal data by the FRA is governed by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725. By submitting an application for a traineeship, you consent to the processing of the personal data contained in the application form and the supporting documents enclosed therewith, in accordance to Article 5. 1(d) of the Regulation. The provision of information requested in the application form and the supporting documents is obligatory. Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection. The personal data in question is collected by the FRA for the sole purpose of the selection of trainees. Please consult the privacy notice for further information.

1The Romani background will be determined on the basis of applicants’ self-declaration.

The term “Roma and Travellers” is used at the Council of Europe to encompass the wide diversity of the groups covered by the work of the Council of Europe in this field: on the one hand a) Roma, Sinti/Manush, Calé, Kaale, Romanichals, Boyash/Rudari; b) Balkan Egyptians (Egyptians and Ashkali); c) Eastern groups (Dom, Lom and Abdal); and, on the other hand, groups such as Travellers, Yenish, and the populations designated under the administrative term “Gens du voyage”, as well as persons who identify themselves as Gypsies.

2This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.