Fundamental Rights Report 2024 - FRA Opinions

Fundamental Rights Report 2024 - FRA opinions

The year 2023 brought both progress and setbacks in terms of fundamental rights protection. FRA’s Fundamental Rights Report 2023 reviews developments in the field, identifying both achievements and remaining areas of concern. This publication presents FRA’s opinions on the main developments in the thematic areas covered and a synopsis of the evidence supporting these opinions. In so doing, it provides a compact but informative overview of the main fundamental rights challenges confronting the EU and its Member States.

This year’s annual Fundamental Rights Report 2024 explores the themes of the cost-of-living crisis, democracy and fundamental freedoms and the concerning fundamental rights situation at the EU’s external borders. It presents a timely review of the most pressing threats to fundamental rights in Europe. It also explores the application and implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

While the report focuses only on these key issues, 2023 was a year of multiple threats to fundamental rights and freedoms. Threats to democratic values and civic space as well as online hatred and disinformation pose serious challenges to fundamental rights. So does the rise in racism and related intolerance. At the same time, Europe faces rising poverty amid a cost-of-living crisis and continues to grapple with the polarising issue of migration. Necessary action on climate change risks reinforcing existing forms of social and economic marginalisation. Against this backdrop, this report presents a concise overview of the key thematic issues and suggests how to address the challenges to fundamental rights.

The FRA opinions contained in this report are intended to inform policymakers and lawmakers by outlining actions for the EU and Member States. Taken together with the full report, FRA sets out ways forward for a more inclusive Europe based on the protection and promotion of fundamental rights.