Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey - Main results

Seventeen years after adoption of EU laws that forbid discrimination, immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and minority ethnic groups continue to face widespread discrimination across the EU and in all areas of life – most often when seeking employment. For many, discrimination is a recurring experience. This is just one of the findings of FRA’s second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS II), which collected information from over 25,500 respondents with different ethnic minority and immigrant backgrounds across all 28 EU Member States.

Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey – Main results

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Hate-motivated harassment too remains a scourge. While individuals believe their ethnic or immigrant background is the main reason for facing discrimination, they identify their names, skin colour and religion as additional triggers. Not surprisingly, experiences with discrimination and hate-motivated harassment and violence chip away at individuals’ trust in public institutions and undermine feelings of attachment to their country of residence.

The report follows up and expands on FRA’s first major EU-wide survey on minorities’ and migrants’ experiences, conducted in 2008. The survey focuses on discrimination in different settings, police stops, criminal victimisation, rights awareness and societal participation.

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