Tackling racism and discrimination in sport - Guide of Promising Practices, Initiatives and Activities

Many of us enjoy and take pride in supporting sports clubs and teams. Nevertheless, racism, xenophobia and antisemitism continue to blight sport. These phenomena persist in many sports, but tend to be most visible in football due to its popularity, its coverage and the number of people engaged in the sport at all levels.

This Guide of Promising Practices, Initiatives and Activities provides examples of successful action in the field that are transferable, in some cases inexpensive and can give inspiration to those who engage in the activities and those who support, organise and manage them. While not all the examples received by the Agency could be published for reasons of space and balance, we believe that this Guide reflects the wide-ranging and excellent work being carried out by many organisations and individuals throughout Europe, many of which go unrecognised and many of which impact positively on the communities involved.

It is hoped that this Guide will ignite wider interest and encourage individuals and organisations to seek out and support promising practices, initiatives and activities to combat racism and discrimination in sport. 

The Guide is part of the wider project on Racism, ethnic discrimination and exclusion of migrants and minorities in sport: the situation in the European Union