Human rights cities in the EU: a framework for reinforcing rights locally

This report proposes a framework for becoming, and functioning as, a ‘human rights city’ in the EU. It includes ‘foundations’, ‘structures’ and ‘tools’ for mayors, local administrations and grassroots organisations to reinforce fundamental rights locally. It is based on existing good practice and expert input by representatives of human rights cities in the EU, academic experts, international organisations and city networks.

The proposed framework aims to encourage more cities in the EU to become human rights cities, and to help develop a local culture of rights. It also aims to facilitate links between human rights cities and EU instruments including policies, strategies and funding. Finally, it aims to stimulate a discussion in the EU on a future accreditation process for human rights cities.

In this report:

  1. Human rights cities in the EU: rooting a human rights culture in the city
  2. The framework for human rights cities
  3. Implementing the framework - proposals for a way forward