EEA and Norway Grants

The Agency cooperates with the EEA and Norway Grants as a strategic partner in the protection, promotion and fulfillment of fundamental rights.
The cooperation aims to support the design and implementation of EEA and Norway Grants funded programmes and projects in selected EU Member States. It also aims to raise awareness on fundamental rights, combating social exclusion and discrimination, and supporting related civil society initiatives.

The Agency is one of three International Partner Organisations (IPOs) that support the EEA and Norway Grants at strategic level, to ensure that programmes and projects hold European and international standards.

FRA cooperates with the Grants in three different ways:

  1. As an IPO, the Agency advises on and participates in several of the Grants’ programmes, namely in Czechia on ‘Human Rights, Roma Inclusion and Domestic and Gender-based Violence’ and in Greece on ‘Roma inclusion and empowerment’.
  2. As an international project partner at project level, including in Bulgaria, Czechia and Greece.
  3. Cooperation and strategic communication on EU fundamental rights related events, such as the joint conference with the EU Council Presidency and the EEA and Norway Grants, whenever the EU Presidency is held by one of the Grants’ beneficiary states. The Grants are also a strategic partner of the Agency’s Fundamental Rights Forum, providing financial support to participation of delegates and in participation in the Forum’s Advisory Board. 

The EEA and Norway Grants are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway’s contribution to reducing economic and social disparities in Europe and to strengthening bilateral relations with 15 beneficiary states.

Find out more about the EEA and Norway Grants in the video below: 

EEA and Norway Grants data portal.