Minimum age requirements related to rights of the child in the EU

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The European map visualisation illustrates in a map the values of the answers per country.



    This data maps age requirements for children to acquire rights across the EU. The data identifies eventual inconsistencies, protection gaps and restrictions deriving from different age thresholds. The objective is to assist Member States in addressing these issues and to facilitate the EU in exercising its competence to support and coordinate Member States’ actions related to children and youth.


    The information has been collected through FRANET, FRA’s multidisciplinary research network, and its reference period was until April 2016. Legislative developments since then have been included whenever relevant or if known. The information was shared in September 2017 with all Member States through the European Commission’s informal group of experts on rights of the child, with the request to check the accuracy of the data or update any updated data if relevant.

    Specific data values for all countries and all variables can be found in the following Excel spreadsheets: